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July 31, 2013

Calling all coffee-lovers!

Hi friends!  As many of you know, Adam & I are leading a team of 10 from our church, Movement NYC, to Ethiopia this October.  In an effort to supplement our fundraising efforts, we’ve set up an online store from with Just Love Coffee Roasters.  They offer several varieties and blends of coffee, as well as samplers, t-shirts and travel mugs.  A portion of all purchases made from our storefront will go towards offsetting our trip costs!

If you love coffee as much as I do (or even half, or a quarter, as much as I do… because my love for coffee is borderline idolatrous…), please consider making a purchase from our online store!

Movement NYC – Ethiopia 2013 – Just Love Coffee Roasters


January 29, 2011

Mocha Faux-Shake

Sometimes you’ve got a craving and you don’t quite have the ingredients on hand to fulfill it.  So, what do you do?

You improvise!

I really wanted a chocolate milkshake.  Then I thought… a chocolate coffee milkshake.  Unfortunately, I have no ice cream in the apartment due to my healthy eating kick (yep, that’s still happening!)  I had to get creative.  It won’t win any awards, but at least it satisfied a craving.

Mocha Faux-Shake

1/2 cup nonfat milk
1/2 fat free half & half
2 tbsp chocolate syrup
1 tsp of instant coffee granules (I used decaf)
6 ice cubes (more or less depending on desired consistency)

Blend all of the above until smooth.  Enjoy!

July 11, 2010

Morning treat!

I love Starbucks.  I love lattes, macchiatos and frappuccinos.  They are delicious, indeed.  They’re also budget UNfriendly.

My morning coffee is like a security blanket.  I have to have it or my whole day is thrown off. YaknowwhatImean?  Typically I just have my french roast coffee with a little bit of half & half and splenda but last week I was at the supermarket and something caught my eye: Bailey’s coffee creamer.  They basically took everything delicious about Bailey’s and removed the alcohol.  Count me in!  I picked up the caramel flavor and went on my merry way.

This morning I made my coffee in the french press, put some milk in my coffee mug and warmed it in the microwave, threw in 1 tbsp of my new coffee creamer and 1 packet of Equal and filled the rest of the mug with the coffee.  It was just sweet enough and crazy delicious.  Definitely less expensive than Starbucks, maybe not as fancy, but still just as good.  Try it some time!

Caramel Cafe Au Lait
1/4 cup of milk, warmed (I used 1% milk)
1 tbsp of Bailey’s caramel creamer (use any flavored creamer of your choice!)
1 cup of fresh brewed coffee
Sugar or sugar substitute to reach desired sweetness