The Cause: Hope & Restoration for Women

I’ve decided to start a new theme here on the blog which I have (just now) named, “The Cause”.  Every so often I will feature a different ministry I’m passionate about and invite you to join “the cause”, whether it be contributing finances, praying or being an advocate in your own communities and social circles.  Today’s cause is Women At Risk (via Mocha Club).  Here’s a description of the ministry from the Mocha Club website:

Women and children are often the most exposed and abused victims of injustice, especially in the war-torn areas of Africa. In Nazaret, Ethiopia, Mocha Club helps rehabilitate women in Ethiopia who were forced into a life of prostitution as an attempt to escape their situation of poverty. The “Women At Risk” program provides spiritual, emotional, and psychological counseling and helps them find alternate means of income to support themselves and their children.

Friends, this organization is so dear to my heart.  I have spent time with these beautiful women, I have heard their stories.  I have seen how God has brought beauty from ashes.

Meet some of my beautiful friends:

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So, what can you do?

  • PRAY – Pray that the LORD would provide the financial means to continue to minister to the women in Ethiopia.  Pray that He would use their time at Women At Risk to transform their lives with His gospel.  Pray that their hope would be found in Jesus and that they would know they are loved by their Savior.  Pray that the sins and pain of their past would no longer have a hold on them; that they would know God’s forgiveness that was bought for them on the cross and that they would trust that they are made new and clean by the perfect blood of Jesus!  Pray for the staff, that they would pursue holiness and seek to glorify Jesus in all of their words and actions, and that His love and grace would be reflected by them to the women they serve.
  • GIVE – Partner with Mocha Club to financially support the ministry of Women At Risk in Ethiopia.  You can join my team, Hope for Addis, and give as little as $7 a month to transform the lives of women.  Or, if you’d prefer, you can start your own team!
  • BE A VOICE – Tell others of the needs of these women.  As you pray, invite others to pray with you.  As you give, invite others to give alongside you.  Share the stories of these women and share the work that God is doing in their lives.  Invite others to be passionate about the cause.

If you have any questions about the organization, or my time with the women, please ask!  Thank you in advance for your prayers and generosity.

Learn to do good;
Seek justice,
Reprove the ruthless,
Defend the orphan,
Plead for the widow.
Isaiah 1:17


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