Our time at Women At Risk in Nazret was special, beautiful and difficult.

In working with ministries such as that (a Bible-based rehabilitation program for former prostitutes), it’s impossible to remain ignorant to the kind of pain that exists in this world.  It’s impossible to deny the evil that exists here on this earth.  It’s also impossible to deny the incredible power of Jesus to overcome the darkest places with His glorious light.

We spent the morning of January 5 sharing testimonies.  Two of our team members shared as well as two of the women.  As the women were sharing, I could hear every other woman around us crying.  That may have been one of the hardest parts.  I just knew that they could identify with the pain and the brokenness of the woman sharing.  As if it weren’t bad enough that this was the life of one woman, there came the realization that it was a life lived by many others.  As we finished up that morning, many of the women and our team went outside to enjoy each others company.  A few women stayed behind, though.  One of them was Genet.  She sat there, by herself, tears streaming down her face.  I sat down next to her, put one arm around her, took her hand in mine, and sat there in silence with her.

One of the most frustrating things for all of us on this trip was the inability to communicate in a common language.  In that moment with Genet, though, I found myself so incredibly grateful for the forced silence.  I could not ruin the moment with words.  I couldn’t say the wrong thing.  I sat silently with her and prayed for healing and comfort.  I had to accept the fact that I couldn’t say or do anything, but trust that Jesus can, will, and already has.

Jesus is changing the lives of these women.  He speaks what I can’t.  He heals what I can’t.  He restores what I can’t.  He does what I can’t.

And so I sit, silently praying, thankful for a God who hears and loves and saves.


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