A brief introduction…

As Austin Powers once said, “Allow myself to introduce… myself.”

My name is Brittany.  I’m a 24-year-old Vermonter who now resides in the big city.  When I say “big city”, I mean New York.  What other city is there, really? ;-)  I love Jesus, coffee and chocolate.  I also love cooking and baking just about anything.  More than making food, though, I love feeding it to people.

I’ve loved cooking since I was a kid.  I used to make my brother and his friends grilled cheese sandwiches and they’d pay me a dollar.  I still consider a good grilled cheese one of my “specialties”.  I appreciate the everyday meals like that, ones that remind you of home and childhood.  I also love a fancy, gourmet meal.  Good food is good food, right?

Some of the recipes I post here will be decadent, delicious and certainly not appropriate for those of you trying to eat healthy.  However, I also love good, healthy, fresh food.  Eating healthy doesn’t have to be boring and the times in my life when I’ve been my healthiest have been those times I’ve been an avid cook in the kitchen.  Really my goal with this blog is to have a little bit of everything for everyone.  It’s going to be very unpretentious (I hope!) and I intend to show you not only my successes, but also my kitchen disasters in the hopes that you and I alike will learn from my mistakes! :-)

I look forward to sharing my kitchen adventures with you!


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