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June 5, 2010

Brunch with friends.

I’ve been talking for a while now about making brunch and inviting friends over to enjoy it.  Last Saturday I was able to do just that, and I really can’t wait to do it again.  There’s a minor problem here though: I didn’t take any pictures.  I know, who am I?!

I made the following recipes, which all come pretty highly recommended:

Fluffy Pancakes – I planned on lemon ricotta pancakes but the ricotta in my fridge had gone bad… uh oh. But these were classic and delicious!!
Bacon Cheese Frittata – I omitted the bacon and added broccoli!
Banana Banana Bread – If I’m being honest, this isn’t my favorite banana bread recipe, but was still good.

I also made fruit salad (watermelon, strawberries & blueberries), bacon (the good stuff from the deli) and sausage.  Everything was a hit and I can’t wait to do it again.

I don’t know what it is but I really just love to feed people.  I was thinking recently about my Gramma Fowler (my mom’s mom) who passed away about 5 years ago.  She loved to be in the kitchen cooking and baking.  She refused to attend any family gathering without bringing something along.  I see more and more of her in myself these days.  I’m starting to understand the joy that she found in that, yet I’m not sure I can articulate it very well.  I really wish sometimes that she was still here and that I could share my love for cooking with her and learn from her in the kitchen.  I’m thankful for the incredible recipes we have of hers and can’t wait to try more of them in the future.  They’re recipes I hope I can pass down to my own children some day!  And hey, if you’re lucky, maybe I’ll have the chance to share of few with all of you. :)