You have been a refuge for me.

I’ve sent it to several of you, I’m sure, and I’ve linked it on this page under “On Faith”.  But please, if you haven’t already (or even if you have), watch this video.


2 Comments to “You have been a refuge for me.”

  1. This is really wonderful. It has touched me. Faith in action for the world to see. I wish I could be that strong all of the time. At times it is seemingly easy, but other times the Lord has to literally carry me. Thanks for sharing! :) Love, Cheryl

    btw…who is the pastor speaking. I would like to send it to a few friends and don’t know how to do it…I don’t see a link. Thanks!

    • Cheryl, the pastor’s name is Britt Merrick (from a church in Southern California called Reality Carpinteria). The direct link to this video is here:

      I could listen to this message a million times and always take something away from it. I’m so glad it was able to bless you! Thank you (and your family) for being an example of what it means to trust and love Jesus through really tough times. I can’t tell you how much that ministered to me as a new believer, even from afar.

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