don't forget haiti.

I follow a girl on Twitter that I don’t know, but she’s in Haiti right now.  I’ve been following her updates since just after the earthquake.  I’m not sure if she was there for the actual earthquake or not.  Anyway, the details aren’t important for this post.  She said something last night that really had me feeling convicted and sad.  It was such a small phrase but I feel like it carries a lot of weight:

“goodnight world don’t forget haiti.”

Isn’t it sad how quickly we move on?  If we’re being honest, how often have we been thinking about Haiti and praying for the people and those who are serving them?  I will admit that, for me, the answer is not often.  I hope that changes.

Join me in remembering Haiti after the news crews have left and the world has seemingly moved on.  Let’s pray for healing and hope and strength.  Let’s pray that the world doesn’t walk away, that WE don’t walk away.

Also, if you can, please consider giving to Compassion International’s Haiti Earthquake Response Fund.  The organization is trustworthy and they’re doing a lot of great work in Haiti and throughout the world.

Whatever you do, however you participate, let’s not forget Haiti.

“The rich and the poor have a common bond, the LORD is the maker of them all.” Proverbs 22:2


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