“The morning began with a few women sharing their testimony. I so admire their transparency and their courage. Some of their stories- no, all of them- broke my heart, but the Lord has done an amazing work… Our God is truly mighty to save. He’s bigger and greater than we can even imagine…” (July 1, 2009 from Nazret)

“Wenchi Lake is absolutely breathtaking. We got on horseback and started down the mountainside. I don’t know that my words can ever fully do this experience justice. I saw cliffs and mountains and waterfalls. Huts with fences made of sticks where little village children stood in the doorway and waved, smiling and saying ‘Hullo!’ It was a scene from National Geographic and yet I was in the midst of it. On a horse.” (July 3, 2009 from Ambo)

“Tadi told us that many of them had spent their childhood wishing just to be a tree in America. He wondered aloud what it would take to make them want to be a kid in their own country rather than a tree elsewhere… I’m not sure I’ve ever felt as broken for this place as I did when he was speaking…” (July 4, 2009 from Ambo)

“These kids are so quick to love and it’s really a beautiful thing to witness. They give so much and I hope we are able to give even a percentage of that back to them.” (July 5, 2009 from Ambo)

“It is my prayer that this trip truly changes me. I don’t want to be the same Brittany I was when I left New York. I want to be better, wiser and most of all, closer to Jesus. And closer to being the person He calls me to be.” (July 6, 2009 from Ambo)

“I want to find a way to be that person Jesus wants me to be in a place that makes it so easy to be comfortable in the world… I want to listen for His voice and go the direction He calls me to go and not be afraid of it.” (July 10, 2009 from New York)


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