ministry plans.

Another conference call last night to discuss some ministry plans and catch up with the team. We have a lot of great stuff planned, and I may need your help with a few things, friends! I’ll update soon with a list of supplies we’re going to need, and if there’s anything you’re willing and able to contribute, we would be so appreciative!

I’m going to be assisting in planning some music activities and also Bible study/devotions in the morning at a home for former prostitutes. Please, if you have any insight or ideas to offer for these, feel free to post a comment or email me. I want to give these women and children our very best, and God’s very best. If there’s any verses of scripture you think would speak to the women especially, please share them with me. Ashlee mentioned on the call last night verses that show them how much God loves them, and I’m feeling the burden to share verses about the new life they have in Christ, and how He makes ALL THINGS new. If you have anything that relates to this, or something else God puts on your heart, please share!

God bless, friends!


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