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March 6, 2009


I had my first conference call with the team last night.  It’s much smaller than I anticipated, but there are potentially still a few more joining us, so it could grow.  Last night it was myself, my team leader, and two other girls.  Most of the time was spent doing introductions and learning a bit about one another.  I am so thrilled to get to know these people and prepare for the trip with them.

One thing that was so wonderful was to hear about everyone’s heart for missions and get a taste of what their relationship with the Lord is like.  I think that we will all encourage one another and that, so far, we’re all in the right mind set and are open to how the Lord wants to use us.

We got a bit more detail, also, about where we’ll be serving.  Initially the plan was to spend the majority of our two weeks in the capital city of Addis Ababa.  However, there has been a change in plans and we will be serving in the village of Ambo, which is west of the capital.  We still don’t have a solid itinerary/agenda, but we learned that we will be serving at a school of about 250 children who, I think, are all sponsored by Compassion International.  At this point, it looks like we’ll be doing some after school programs and VBS (Vacation Bible School) programs with the children.  We will also be working with a ministry that serves “street boys” in Ambo.  These boys literally live on the street, without homes or families.  All they have is the shirt on their backs.

It was on my heart to do missions someday and serve children.  The Lord has blessed me beyond belief by opening the doors for this trip to happen so soon, and by fulfilling that desire to work with children.  I cannot wait to be used by Him, to learn from the people of Ambo, from other members of my team, and to see the Lord move.  I pray that He would just humble me, and that I would serve with the knowledge that I am serving the Lord.

This is a time of preparation, and I pray that I would use it to draw nearer to Him.